Friday 27 May 2016

Blues, Badgers and a Nightjar!!

Having just returned from a successful trip with Matt to the South of France I was totally shattered today!! I had a quick long stroll during the morning to see if the Adonis Blues had emerged on the patch. I did see small numbers and going by how they looked they had been out for a few days. I also came across a couple of Small Blues that gave me the run around.
I didn't think I would be up to anything in the evening but as Pen was away with her Mum for another evening I set off for a bit of Badger watching. For those that know me from the past they will remember that I used to watch Badgers an awful lot. My nickname at school was Badgerbob. A nickname that still gets used a little today. On the way to the set, one that I used to watch over 40 years ago I came across a stunning fresh Small Blue. It was posing at the top of a grass stem and opening its wings wide in the low sun. Perfect one would think, except I didn't have my macro gear with me. What can I do?? With the smallest butterfly in Britain in front of me all I could do was use the 300mm with a 1.4x converter. Not ideal by any means but amazingly I did just manage a couple of half decent shots. A few Adonis were also then seen as I made my way towards the Badger set. It was now a short wait before the Badgers emerged, this set used to be good for early emergences but with the Downs now being used by so many joggers and cyclists the Badgers now come out a little later and at 8.15 the first adult headed off to forage followed a short while later by a 2nd. A little while later I headed off passing more sets on the way. In total 6 Badgers were seen including 2 little bundles of fun in the shape of cubs.
I was almost back to the car when I heard the unmistakable sound of a churring Nightjar. This bird had presumably stopped off during the day nearby as it migrated back to its breeding ground. I tried to locate it but as it was now pretty dark I could only enjoy listening to its wonderful call.

Small Blue.

Small Blue.

Badger foraging.

I think he's seen me!!


  1. Great pictures, that's a very characterful badger!

  2. Hi. At finland I have not seen the badger trapped under the car. It would be nice to see the living.