Monday 2 May 2016

A Green Flashing Streak.

One of the few advantages of a cold spell in the butterfly season is that so long as you can find your quarry it can be a bit easier to get close to them. This was the case yesterday when I found my 3rd Green Hairstreak of the year. Although the sun was shining the cool breeze meant that it wasn't mega active and I managed several shots of it as it mainly walked around the edge of a bush, giving me perhaps, my best ever shots of this, one of my favourite species. An added bonus too was that it flashed a little bit of its top wing several times. As this species never sits with open wings the top of the wings are not normally seen. The pictures also show how the green varies depending on the angle of the light hitting the wings.

Green Hairstreak.


  1. Hi. Green Hairstreak butterflies can fly here too.

  2. It's a gorgeous butterfly with a lovely froggy face