Thursday 14 April 2016

Back on the Patch.

With things at last starting to get going on the insect front it was back to the local area to see what was emerging. Overnight the moth trap was a waste of time with only a few common moths. Out on the patch I found an extremely fresh Speckled Wood basking in the morning sun. Strangely she had what I think was tiny bit of blossom on her head and a small fly resting on her hind-wing. Another Speckled Wood was also seen. Bee-flies are also building up in numbers well and I found one basking on a leaf. Being earlier in the day, this normally difficult insect to approach allowed a few shots. 

Speckled Wood.


Following this I checked on my colony of Pyrausta ostrinalis. This species is quite rare, and according to the Sussex recorder is in danger of extinction in the county. However, I do have a strong colony here and in a short space of time I had seen 13 of these beautiful little micro moths. They are extremely similar to the common Pyrausta purpuralis. I also saw my first Large White on the walk and later in the garden back home a Holly Blue flew across. This puts me on 9 butterfly species for the year so far.

Pyrausta ostrinalis.


  1. I am pleased to read that there are butterflies flying somewhere in the UK! It has been 4 degrees here today and raining all week until today. I haven't received one butterfly record this month so far!

  2. These pictures are again a pleasure to watch. Amazing.

  3. Kauniit kuvat perhosista <3

    - Ronja -

  4. Nice work Bob. 9 species already, thats good. Hopefully a few warmer days just around the corner.

  5. Wow !! Just beautiful photos of nature !! Thanks for sharing...

  6. Hi Bob,

    I really enjoy your blog, and stunning photos as usual.
    I do a lot of mothing in the area around Hollingbury golf-course, but it's still quite early for many moths to be about there. I was thinking of heading to Seaford on Sunday, and I was wondering if you had any tips on where to look or what species to look for?
    Thanks, and all the best


    1. Hi Gideon.
      With the weather cooling down the few moths flying at the moment may go into hiding for a while. If you e mail me we can perhaps meet up to go around some hot spots. My e mail address you will find on the SOS site.

    2. Thanks, I've sent an email to the address I found on the SOS site.

  7. Enhorabuena, las fotos son geniales, un saludo.