Friday 18 March 2016

The Magic of South Africa.

Last week I had a magical time in the Kruger Park of South Africa with my eldest son Chris. We had been there 13 years ago on a similar trip armed with 35mm cameras. It was wonderful to be back there amongst the amazing African animals. We also helped Africa by ending the drought that had persisted for an amazing length of time. On our 2nd day the rains came in some style and nearly 30mm fell in just 24 hrs. Mind you not far away an incredible 190mm fell in the same time. The riverbed that out lodge backed onto had been dry for 3 years and following 3 days of heavy rain it flowed for the first time since 2013!!
Over the next few posts I will try to convey the fabulous time we had and amazing creatures and birds this Country has. I would like to thank out guide at Jock Safari Lodge, David , for helping us see so much. For 3 days it was just us and David. For the last 3 days we were joined by 2 more couples who were great company and fun. For those thinking about a trip to the Kruger I would thoroughly recommend Jock's.
A taster of a few of the animals follows.


White Rhino.

Confrontation between African Elephant and White Rhinos.



Male Lion.

Burchell's Zebras

Spotted Hyena.



  1. Amazing photos. Have a nice day.

  2. The only acceptable way of shooting African wildlife. Alas, to some it will never be enough