Sunday 27 March 2016

A Good Good Friday.

The sun was shining on Good Friday and even the wind was not too bad. I decided in the end to just stay local and to check out the Wall Brown larva activity. As it happens I was showing a friend the larvae on Thursday in pretty dull cool conditions when 3 were seen as well as a Speckled Wood larva. On the Friday in the warmer conditions the larvae were generally higher up the grass feeding well. The 3 from the day before were seen but 2 new ones also showed. All but one were pretty near fully grown, it is at this time that they disperse from their feeding area to pupate and become extremely hard to find. I did take a few new photos of the larvae showing the feeding activity on the grass.

The smallest Wall Brown larva. Approx 60% grown.

Near fully grown Wall Brown larva resting following feeding.

It was so warm on the bank several adult butterflies were active, only the hibernating species still with up to 6 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Brimstone and a Peacock seen.

Small Tortoiseshell.

I could also hear some amphibians calling in the ditches nearby so a little bit of creeping around to investigate proved the noise to be from Common Toads. These were well in the weeds in the middle of the ditch.

Common Toad.


  1. Amazing discoveries. Here in Finland, not caterpillars or butterflies can not see for some time yet.

  2. Nice shots Bob. It won't be long until we are filling our boots with lots of photos.

  3. Nice observations! Point we also have to melt the snow off, and the end in search of caterpillars and butterflies.

  4. I'm always working when Spring is happening, and when I'm off it is cold and windy!

  5. We can't wait for spring to arrive,it's like the child in us returns.

    1. Thanks all. Yes, we all get a little impatient at this time of year waiting. Then, suddenly there is not enough time in the day to see it all!!