Friday 8 January 2016

A Purple Patch.

Following the really good day out yesterday The plan had been for me and Matt to have a rare day out together in Kent. However, with a new commitment at home, that plan had to change so we had a short visit instead to the local area of Tide Mills and the East Pier.
It certainly helps to have a young enthusiastic birdwatcher close at hand which helped to see two of the unusual birds. Both the Spotted Redshank and Jack Snipe would have gone unseen if I had been on my own. It was also good to catch up with the male Black Redstart, that Pete and I had seen a few weeks ago, and one of my favourite winter birds of the area, the Purple Sandpipers. Of course I have already posted several pictures of these little waders this winter but when you hit lucky and get them sitting on top of the pier it would be very rude not to take some more!! This was only the 2nd time Matt has seen them up top, and the first time he has photographed them in this position.

Purple Sandpiper keeping an eye on me!!

Purple Sandpiper.