Friday 18 December 2015


Is it really December. It is so mild, in fact so mild I headed up to High and Over to see if I could find any Wall Brown larva. I have never found any before 6th January but even then it was not too surprising to find 3 of them in the grass tussocks. The first one was near the top of the bank and was about 1 cm long. At the bottom I found one out on some grass feeding with another sat below it. These were a little larger at around 1.3cm. With it being more sheltered down here they are probably able to feed more frequently. What was more surprising however was the amount of other small creatures seen with several small Spiders, 7 Moth larvae and baby Froghoppers as well as the micro moth Agonopterix pallorella sheltering in the grass. This is a hibernating moth although this one certainly was not asleep.

Wall Brown larva.

Feeding Wall Brown larva.

2 Moth larvae. Possible types of Wainscot??

Agonopterix pallorella.

I now have to decide if this is the start of my butterfly year or the end!!

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