Tuesday 27 October 2015

Long-tailed Blue Magic.

With another male Long-tailed Blue found yesterday I was lucky to catch up with the butterfly and manage a couple of shots. The weather was cool and cloudy as well as being pretty breezy and conditions for photography were extremely poor. However, the shots I got were quite pleasing.

Male Long-tailed Blue.

This morning started off really good with 2 magnificent Firecrest moving through the garden. Following this it was back to the Long-tailed Blue where the target was to re-find it and hope to get an open wing shot as the weather warmed up. Meeting James on site it was then waiting for the sun to warm the butterfly up. With it being a warm wind the butterfly did fly a couple of times before settling on some tall grass. As the butterfly then opened its wings it was then a problem with the steady breeze blowing the grass and butterfly about and trying to get some sharp photos. All in all I was very pleased to improve on the shots I managed to get on Sunday.

Male Long-tailed Blue.


  1. Another super collection. I wonder why none have been found in Kent despite people having a good look?

    1. The sites to the Eastern end of Sussex that had numbers 2 years ago also seem to be void of them this year. Most of the early stages found, as well as the emerging adults have been in West Sussex this year.