Sunday 20 September 2015

The Long-tailed Blue Emerge.

It was the flu jab yesterday morning which meant I didn't get out quite as early as I had hoped so it was a little frustrating when I had a call from Neil Hulme to tell me that he had a pristine female with a possible 2nd Long-tailed Blue in the Tide Mills area. Fortunately I was able to get straight down there and soon was able to watch this special creature in the middle of a Bramble bush. It was quite content nectaring on the few flowers in the bush and looking pretty!! Whilst she was still there I had a hunt around to see if I could find any more, however, apart from a few Small Heath and some Whites that was about it on the butterfly front. Eventually the Long-tailed Blue came out of the bush allowing us to get some pleasing shots. With eggs found all along the coast there should be plenty of butterflies flying over the coming weeks. My thanks to Neil for letting me know about the find. The best picture I managed is very similar to the image I managed of the male from 2013.

Female Long-tailed Blue.

Female Long-tailed Blue.

Female Long-tailed Blue.

Also seen was a Long-winged Conehead, a Cricket that I've seen several times but had been unable to get any photos until now.

Female Long-winged Conehead.


  1. Very nice pics Bob. I've yet to see long tailed blue, maybe this year?

    1. Hi Wayne. Thanks for you comment. This could be a good year for you to catch up with them. However, they might well become more regular with 2013 and now 2015 looking good.