Sunday 23 August 2015

Adonis Blue Brightens a Dull Day.

Last Thursday was one of those frustrating days when the temperature was quite warm but there were heavy clouds and a breeze all day. After feeling I needed a walk I decided to go to my local Adonis Blue site to see if I could find some roosting individuals. On arrival I saw a fresh butterfly flying on the bank as the clouds had briefly opened a little. The butterfly soon settled though as the cloud came back and I was able to get a few shots off. I then hit lucky as the clouds thinned again and the butterfly opened its wings showing the fabulous iridescent blue, very hard to get the colour right in photography of this beautiful species as the blue colour varies as the light hits the wings.

Male Adonis Blue.

Following this I found another couple of roosting butterflies and after taking a few more shots I waited hoping for the clouds to thin again. This time I wasn't so lucky as I waited for at least 90 minutes in vain as the clouds built up even more. I did have one small flash of colour but it was very quick. On the way home it then started to rain. It was however, a very good session and it was good to see several Wall Brown throughout the walk.

Roosting Male Adonis Blue.


  1. Superb Bob. The 3rd shot is total class.

    1. Thanks Marc. Really pleased with them, particularly with the shot you like.

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