Thursday 2 July 2015

Chalkhill Blue Hour.

The heatwave broke this morning with plenty of rain on and off with a few bits of sunshine as well. I noticed at one point a break in the clouds heading my way so I quickly headed up to the Downland nearby to hopefully get some Marbled Whites coming out of their roost. With it still being warm the butterflies were already flying when I got there and it was quite impressive with the amount of Marbled Whites on the wing. 3 Ringlet were also there as well as Gatekeepers. It's only 3 days since the first Gatekeeper was seen but already numbers are building quickly.

Male Gatekeeper.

Just after getting a couple of pictures of the Gatekeeper I headed down the hill a little and found my other target for the day, my first Chalkhill Blue of the year. It had just emerged and one of its wings was still slightly creased. It flew up as I walked past it and it settled high up where I managed a few pictures before it moved on to settle on a tall grass. Great to see what will hopefully be the first of many of these beautiful butterflies this year. It was not long before the weather broke and I made it back quickly to the car before the heavy rain started again.

Male Chalkhill Blue.

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