Monday 6 April 2015

Moth Trapping.

With a warmer day yesterday and light winds I decided last night to put out the moth trap for the first time this year. At 6.45 this morning I was beginning to question my wisdom whilst looking into the moth trap and listening to a neighbour scraping the ice off their windscreen!!
Well, it wasn't a massive success with just 3 Early Grey and a Common Quaker but at least the dust has fallen off the trap. The Early Greys were also very fresh looking.

Early Grey.

A little later it was off to the Downland looking for Adders. Despite a cool breeze blowing it started to look good with 5 all curled up together. Further along another 2 were seen including the female I photographed a little over a week ago. Then back near the group of 5 a very large female appeared, possibly the biggest Adder I've seen over the years. It did look as though it was due a moult soon as it looked quite dull in colour although the head area was brighter so it may have started the moult.

A big fat female Adder.

Just before moving into the Gorse.

Two Swallows were also seen hawking for insects just above the ground.

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