Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Seven Spots Spotted!!

A fabulously warm day today. I couldn't make my mind up where to go, so I decided to stay local and walk around the usual patch. No sign of the Shrike at first, although it had been seen a few minutes before I arrived. I then went along the valley and had some quite close fly-over Buzzards. 


I then found a Gorse Bush with several Seven-spot Ladybirds coming out of hibernation. There was a pair mating and one individual made a nice picture sitting on the yellow Gorse flower.

Mating Seven-spot Ladybirds. (14 Spots)!!!

Seven-spot Ladybird on Gorse.

A male Brimstone was flying along the Comp path as well as a Peacock. Heading back towards the car park a smart Fox came out of the bushes but was too alert to get close to. I then had good views of the Shrike as well as 6 or more Small Tortoiseshell. A great walk with plenty of interest throughout.

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