Sunday 1 February 2015

The Dungeness Smew.

With several close up photos of Smew from Dungeness recently Pete and I decided to see if we could get any luck. We were the first to the hide and we actually had it to ourselves for around an hour. During this time we had both male and female (redhead) Smew diving close to us and both catching Perch. Whilst close it was clear that the birds were quite wary and would move away from the hide following either excessive movement or noise from us, but with just us there it was not too bad and the birds kept fishing reasonably well, although mostly the wrong side of the hide for the best lighting!!
Unfortunately, it wasn't that long before more people came in the hide and although most were quiet there was a few that came in and asked if the Smew were about a little too loudly. Of course, these people had a great view of the backend of the birds as they quickly swam away!!
At one point there were 5 of us in the hide, all quiet ones, when a Kingfisher perched just in front of us. A very quick grab shot was unfortunately not sharp enough, but it was a great sight to see this fabulous bird so close.

Redhead Smew with Perch.

Male Smew with Perch.

As we were leaving the reserve we spotted a Great White Egret. It fortunately stayed there as we got out the car and rummaged around for the cameras. The light by this point was very poor as some heavy clouds were heading our way. That's my excuse for the poor picture!!

Great White Egret.

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