Saturday, 28 February 2015

Another Smew Day.

Another trip over to Dungeness to hopefully get an image of the Kingfisher on Friday resulted in more Smew pictures and no images of the main target!! A frustrating drive over with diversions all over the place, but with it being such a good day weather wise it was still worth the extra time spent in the car. 
The male Red-crested Pochard was the first bird of interest with many people admiring it. It was then on to the hide to await something to turn up. Although the Kingfisher was seen a couple of times it didn't perform for me. A Water Rail sculking in the margins and a Red headed Goosander were the other birds of interest apart from the Smew. The male kept to the right-hand side of the hide again, which was a shame as the sun was behind him, but the red-head did go to the left-hand side, which showed the colours of the head very well. Plenty of small fish were caught by all three Smew that were seen nearby, much appreciated by the people watching from the hide.

Male Smew coming to the feeding area.

Showing off the beautiful plumage.

The Pair.

Red-head Smew.

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