Monday 26 January 2015

Rye Harbour Stroll.

On Saturday I was still free to do what I wanted for the day, so, with the sun shining I decided to head over to Rye Harbour. The original plan was to park at the entrance to the Rye Harbour Road and walk across to the Castle Water hide, and then returning to drive to the Harbour carpark. From the hide there were a couple of Snipe close in and staying nearly invisible as Snipe do. A redhead Smew was also quite close to the hide. A Great White Egret flying gave only long distant views as well as a couple of Marsh Harriers. On leaving the hide I decided to head straight towards the sea, making the walk particularly long. I was having a cuppa on the beach when a text came through from Matt in Africa. He was in 40 degrees and watching Lions and other big beasts whilst I was wrapped up but still enjoying the sunshine. A couple of long distance flocks of small waders landed further along the beach, possibly Sanderling as they appeared very pale. Walking along I couldn't relocate them but I came across some Turnstone that were quite approachable. There wasn't much happening in the ternery hide apart from a Little Grebe that came quite close. I then started the long walk back intending to hang around for Barn Owls, but I got back sooner than I expected and decided to head back and spend a bit of time with Pen at the hospice.



Little Grebe.

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