Sunday, 30 November 2014

In The Garden.

I recently changed my Sigma 150-500 for a Nikon 300mm with a converter. I was really pleased with the Short-eared Owl photo but other shots have so far been a bit hit and miss. However, when the lens is used without the converter it really is very good and a couple of shots here from the garden shed of the birds coming onto the seeds are a good test. Out in the wild of course the lens is not quite powerful enough but hopefully as I get used to it I will get happier with the combination.

Blue Tit.


For those that may be interested I now have photos on Flickr with mainly my older stuff working through gradually to my recent photos. You can find these at


  1. Greetings from Dubai! Really enjoyed going through your blog.The goldfinch is a beauty. Have a great week ahead!


    1. Many thanks for your interest and comment. Great to hear from Dubai!!