Thursday 9 October 2014

Autumn Blues.

With things not really going too much to plan at the moment it has been difficult to get the time or the inclination to get out lately. In fact the only trip out over the last week was a walk from Woodingdean last Friday. Although it was an enjoyable walk there wasn't that much of interest to see. Possibly my last Whinchat of the autumn and several Red Admirals flying around, but the most interesting thing was strangely 'Snails'!! At the very top of the hill there were around 20 fence posts covered with snails that were presumably there to see the winter out. Why they would choose the tops of posts, that would be more exposed to any really cold weather, I do not know. If anyone knows why they should do this please feel free to comment.

Woodingdean Snails.

Other than that I have spent a bit of time in my garden hide (the shed) to try to get used to photographing birds again. Not much luck yet and certainly nothing rare expected but a few shots of Blue Tits so far.

Blue Tit.

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