Sunday 7 September 2014

Challenge Complete?

Although I was very pleased with my efforts with the Small Coppers yesterday I did think I could still have done slightly better with the open wing shot. It was moving around quite a bit on the flower head and I was disappointed that the back of the wings were not quite sharp.
Today I decided to have another go. On arrival the sun was shining and it was pretty warm and all the Coppers I saw were pretty active. However, a heavy cloud came over soon after and all the Coppers went to roost. It was then a hunt for a good one on a flower head and hoping the weather would improve again. I couldn't believe my luck when that is exactly what happened, I found a good one and the sun came back out and the butterfly opened its wings to warm back up again, and I think I have an improved picture over yesterday. It also looks by the shape of the abdomen that it is a female, whilst yesterdays was a male.

Female Small Copper.

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