Sunday, 22 December 2013

Scotch Argus

My last visit to the Lake District was early August 2012 to see the Scotch Argus, seeing this species would mean I only had 2 more species to complete my British Mainland butterfly list.
Once again I had Nigel to thank for driving me up there, but we were confident that we would find the quarry as it is quite common in the flight season at Arnside Knot, one of only 2 sites not in Scotland.
We quickly found some flying around and then it was hoping to find a fresh specimen sitting in a decent position for some photographs. There were still a few High Brown Fritillaries flying but these were now past their best, a very brief view also of a Northern Brown Argus. Eventually a few Scotch Argus began to settle and allow some pictures although it was some time before we had the best specimen of the day that had only recently emerged.
High Brown Fritillary.

Scotch Argus.


Earlier this year the Lulworth Skipper was seen (my first post on this blog) so I now only have the Chequered Skipper to complete my British Mainland butterfly list.

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