Friday, 8 November 2013

Corncrake and Matts AGP

I don't generally have too many birding highlights, particularly during the Spring and Summer when I concentrate on butterflies, moths and other insects, but there were 2 very good memories this year. The first was on the 17th April when I was walking around Abbotts Wood hoping for an early Orange-tip. I hadn't been there long when I had a call from Matt on the mobile telling me that a Corncrake had appeared at Shooters Bottom. After a while when it was evident that I wasn't going to see too much at Abbotts I drove over to Shooters Bottom where the Corncrake showed several times very well down to just a few metres. An extremely rare sight in Sussex, seen and photographed by many birders.

Then on the 12th June I thought I should go down the Cuckmere where son Matt had found an American Golden Plover which I believe was only the 2nd record for Sussex and the 1st for East Sussex. It was a very confiding bird allowing close views for the many birders that saw it over the days it stayed around.

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