Thursday, 25 March 2021

Dotty about Bee-flies.

 It's amazing how suddenly things spring to life. Out for a stroll one suddenly realises that there are insects out and about and one of the more commonly seen insects are the Bee-flies in the early Spring.

Most of them are the Dark-edged Bee-fly, but in the area around here we also have the more unusual Dotted Bee-fly.

For some time now I have been trying to get a half decent shot of the Dotted Bee-fly but have failed consistently. Yesterday I was photographing an Oak Beauty moth when I spotted a Bee-fly on the lawn. As it was starting to get cool I thought I should move it to keep it safely away from the Magpies that patrol the lawn looking for food when no-one is about. Although I saw several Dotted Bee-flies last year on the lawn I did expect it to be the Dark-edged so it was a great surprise to see it was a Dotted. It was also a little drowsy with the cool temperature which gave me the opportunity to spend time with it taking several photos.

Bee-flies certainly are strange but wonderful insects and their Latin names are also good.

For the Dark-edged Bee-fly please see my previous post.

Dotted Bee-fly  Bombylius discolour.

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  1. Hola Bob. Preciosas fotos de un insecto muy inquieto y que no es fácil de fotografiar. Un abrazo.