Friday, 7 August 2020

Purple Haze.

 I certainly wouldn't say I had a great Summer with our 'Purple' butterflies, but as ever they do give a bit of a challenge.

As it turned out I only tried for the Purple Hairstreak on a few occasions, and although I probably saw more this year at the lower levels unfortunately none of them posed particularly well for the camera.

Male Purple Hairstreak.

Female Purple Hairstreak.

Purple Hairstreak under-side.

As far as the other 'Purple' species goes, the Purple Emperor, I didn't even try for it this year with the travel restrictions, However, I did still see a couple totally out of the blue, or perhaps Purple!!

I was doing my butterfly survey in a private wood when I suddenly had a female Purple flying in front of me. A total surprise as this woodland hasn't seen Purple Emperor since the 1930s, a sure sign that this butterfly is spreading back to its old historical haunts.  The following week on another survey another female was also seen and well away from the previous weeks specimen.

Female Purple Emperor.

The 2nd Female Purple Emperor.

Other selected species from my woodland trips follow, which includes only my 2nd ever White Admiral ab. obliterae which is missing the white bands on the upper wings. Unfortunately only a grab record shot was achieved with this superb butterfly.

Male Broad-bodied Chaser.

White Admiral.

Ringlet aberrant form sexoculus.  


White Admiral aberrant form obliterae. 


  1. Great shots Bob, I've yet to see PH down low, that WA ab is special well spotted!

  2. Thanks Brian. It has been a good year for abs for me. Maybe the heat has helped to produce a few more!!