Friday 30 September 2016

Shrike Revisited!!

Last Wednesday I was the first photographer to have a go at the fabulous juvenile Red-backed Shrike at Tide Mills. It was a really relaxing and enjoyable session with only 3 others joining in the fun that day. Since then of course, the bird has become a bit of a celebrity with many others from all over joining in the fun. I decided that my first session was so good I wouldn't call back. Today though, with not a lot else around the temptation became too much and I decided to call back, mainly just to watch the bird but also to get a few different shots if the opportunity presented itself. It was strange watching a couple of younger photographers that almost ran every time the bird settled to run off lots of shots each time. I dread to think how many photos one of them took and he will still probably be sorting them out at Christmas!!

Autumnal scene with Blackberries.

Just after these were taken there was a massive rainstorm. The bird sheltered in the middle of a bush whilst we tried to protect the equipment by standing by some Pampas Grass!! The rain soon passed but by now the bird looked a bit forlorn with soggy feathers.

Bedraggled Shrike looking as if its going to sneeze!!

Out pops a pellet!!

Oh no. Did I just do that. How rude!!