Tuesday 27 September 2016

More Moths.

Following the excitement of my first Convolvulus Hawk Moth last week there were a couple of other moths worth a closer look. Last night I also put the trap out but this time there were no stunners. Maybe the cat ate all the best ones!!
I still improved on a couple of shots of 3 common moths, so along with the 2 from last week when the trap had a lovely Pink-barred Sallow as well as the Hawk Moth.

Pink-barred Sallow.

Common Marbled Carpet.

Beaded Chestnut.

A Pair of Black Rustic.

Lunar Underwing.


  1. .ovely shots of some proper furry moths!

  2. Hello. Familiar-looking butterflies. Here in Finland, those butterflies will meet only at night and gets photographed. Moths are truly stunning.