Monday 30 May 2016

Cevennes Butterflies etc. Part 1.

Despite the weather being very much against seeing many butterflies, moths and other insects we did actually end up with quite a good list of species. As mentioned before I had never done a trip abroad like this before so I wasn't sure how easy it would be to see new things. The season, similar to Britain also seemed to be running a little later this year so many of the species we were expecting to see hadn't emerged yet. However, with the cold weather for 2 days I did manage to spot a couple of roosting butterflies and a moth larvae that I'm not too sure of the identity yet. During the warmer days we did find many butterflies on the wing. In the end I did manage enough pictures to put them on 2 posts. 

Green-underside Blue

Female Provence Orange-tip egg laying.

Female Provence Orange-tip resting.

Roosting Red Underwing Skipper.

Possible Ground Lackey larva??

Clouded Yellow.

Rhagium Mordax.

A different possible Ground Lackey larva??


  1. Hi. Absolutely amazing photos. Greetings.

  2. We get clouded yellows up here, but very much as a late summer migrant in warm conditions

  3. beautiful to look at, details not seen otherwise
    greetings Frank