Thursday, 19 May 2016

Abs, Argus and Whites.

A very busy week with many delights with a couple of days spent on the patch. Red Admirals are still in good numbers and one showed off its under-wing very nicely. It was just after this that I found a very fresh Small Copper, my first on the patch this year. Not only was this a very fresh individual it was also an ab. radiata. This is the first time I have seen one of these abs, it was obvious straight away it was different with the hind-wings missing the orange/copper stripe.

Red Admiral.

Small Copper ab. radiata.

Two days later I saw the same Small Copper, still defending his territory. I was also pleased to photograph a very smart Brown Argus that due to the cool breeze opened his wings whenever the sun came back out.

Male Brown Argus.

Male Brown Argus.

Male Speckled Wood.

Yesterday it rained all morning and with the promise of a better afternoon I decided to check out the local Burnt Orchids. On getting out the car I had only walked 5 paces when I spotted a roosting Green-veined White. This gave me the chance I have waited for for many years. This species, although very common, can be quite a challenge to approach for photography, but as the weather was still cool I managed to get a few shots of it before it flew away. Following this I checked out a dew pond for any Dragonflies that may have emerged. All I found was a larva that had walked onto the concrete surround. I decided that as it was unlikely to emerge as a Dragonfly until at least overnight I left it in peace. It was then onto the Burnt Orchids which were much harder to find than normal. I only saw around 10 which was very poor.

Green-veined White.

Green-veined White.

Burnt Orchid.


  1. Hi. I love that butterflies flying. Here, only a part of the fly because it is too cold. Stunning pictures. Greetings.

  2. Hello!:) Wonderful photography, and a fine selection of some of my favourite butterflies. I would like to follow your blog.:)

    1. Thanks to you both for your comments, and welcome to Breathtaking. I hope you enjoy checking out the blog in the future.

      Best Wishes.