Sunday 23 August 2020

Clearwing Season Finishes With a Raspberry!!

 Out of the 15 Clearwing species in Britain I managed to catch up with 8 this year with a few new species for me.

There were a few that I should have got but failed on, but without the lockdown I probably would have got a couple more, buy hey, 2021 isn't that far off.

I was also more than surprised to attract a couple of species to the garden with a Lunar Hornet and several Raspberry coming to a pheromone lure and in the nearby meadow lots of Six Belted.

A few of my favourite images from the 2nd half of the season follow. I would like to thank Derek Barber too who helped me see several species and also the use of Bob Edgar's garden that started me off again on the final species, the Raspberry, with a few in his garden before catching them in my own and then Clare's.

Yellow-legged Clearwing.

Red-tipped Clearwing.

Sallow Clearwing.

Six-belted Clearwing.

Lunar Hornet Clearwing.

Raspberry Clearwing.

Raspberry Clearwing.

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