Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The Blue Reveal.

When I was a lad and first getting into watching wildlife (a very long time ago), the female Common Blue butterfly was generally a dullish brown butterfly, a little larger but less impressive than the Brown Argus that many people confused it with.  However, in more recent years the female Common Blue has become a much more impressive species with varying amounts of blue on the top wings.  Why this has happened has never really been discovered as far as I know, perhaps it is the warming climate that affects the development of the earlier stages.  Whatever has caused it though has produced an extra bit of colour to the downland. The original 'brownish' Common Blue is now quite a rare sight and is probably becoming more sought after!!

I have had 3 early morning visits to hopefully get some waking up Adonis Blue but with my local colony being quite small I have struggled to find them roosting, despite trying to find them the evening before, so I have been concentrating on those Common Blue instead. 

Of course when found at roost it is not possible to know how bright and blue the top wings will be until the butterfly opens the wings to warm up and the anticipation can be very rewarding.

These photos are from the first two of the three sessions, with another post to come in the next few days.  Whilst waiting for the butterflies to wake up I have also enjoyed watching the family of Foxes as they play nearby.

Female Common Blue found in the evening.

The same Common Blue the following morning revealing her beauty.

Another Common Blue female.

Just about to fly away.

Adonis Blue female.

The Fox Cubs at play.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Marc. Missing the odonata though with few chances to get where I would like.

  2. I hadn't really thought about it, but yes, Common Blue females do seem to be more colourful these days! We don't have Adonis Blues up here. Are the females always brown, or do they also vary like the Common Blue?

    1. Hi Nick.
      Good to hear from you. The Adonis is also becoming more blue it seems but not as dramatically as the Common Blue. The one pictured above is typical, but I have seen some very impressive ones. A target for the 2nd brood!!