Monday 9 March 2020

Ooooh Norman, It's a Loon.

The famous line from 'On Golden Pond'.

Unfortunately, the scenery from the West Beach in Newhaven doesn't quite come up to the Canadian lakes and the Loon, or Diver as it's known over here, isn't in breeding plumage, but it is still good to see a Great Northern Diver locally.

The bird has been showing for several weeks and I really should have gone earlier, but as Pen and I were heading to Lewes a quick stop off en route allowed a few distant shots of the bird in the choppy waters.

Great Northern Diver.

A Surfing Diver.

Last week I met up with Nigel to search for Newts in Friston Forest.  During the search we spotted all 3 varieties of the UK Newts with the main prize of a Great-crested Newt seen just before we gave up.

A few days later I went to a local dew pond where I saw lots of Common Newt as well as some Toad spawn.  On the same walk I also spotted 11 Wall Brown larvae, my highest count so far during this Winter.

Common Newt coming up for air.

Wall Brown larva.

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