Tuesday 14 May 2019

Cuckoo and Wood White.

For the 3rd year I managed, with a little persuasion from David and Pete to once again visit the Surrey Cuckoo. 

This bird is amazing that it performs so well, and has returned to the same area for around 6 years now. This time we had 2 visits spread over around 5 hours, a long time hanging around, but when the bird appears the time spent is soon forgotten.

With continuous sunshine and a cooling breeze it was always pleasant listening to the local Redstarts and seeing the odd Woodlark and Hobby. The Cuckoo was though the main star of the day.

The Male Cuckoo of Surrey.

Getting very close!!

Several visits from the local Stonechat kept us amused during the Cuckoo-less times.

Male Stonechat on Hawthorn.

As the Cuckoo left us for the 2nd time we decided to leave as well, but thought it was worth calling into a nearby Woodland to see if we could find some roosting Wood White butterflies. This species is one of the most endangered on the British butterfly list, but the wood has a strong colony so I was confident we would find some.
As it was we found the communal roost quite easily and found a group of 5 with another group of 3 next to them. Unfurling Bracken was the favourite roosting plant which also looked good with the butterfly on them.

5 Wood White roosting together.

One of the Spring brood on Cowslip.

Wood White on unfurling Bracken.

A perfect end to a great day, and thanks to David for doing the driving. The only disappointment was that Pete and Paul were unable to join us.

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