Monday 22 April 2019

The Pearl Survey.

On Saturday I started my Pearl-bordered Fritillary survey at a private wood. Pearls were re-introduced 2 years ago following a different re-introduction before that which was unsuccessful. As it happens I was one day early as I failed to find any Pearls, but the following day one was seen on the wing by my fellow surveyor.
It was still a good day however, with several butterflies seen in the very warm conditions.

Orange-tip nectaring on a Bluebell.


Pyrausta purpuralis.

Under-side of Pyrausta purpuralis.

On the way home I stopped off at Arlington where I got lucky with a posing Dingy Skipper, and a female Orange-tip that settled briefly on a Blackthorn bush right where I was standing.

Dingy Skipper.

Female Orange-tip.

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