Thursday 18 October 2018

Western Conifer Seed Bug.

On Sunday the weather was really dull most of the day. At one point I was sitting looking out of the patio doors feeling very bored when I spotted a bug of some kind walking up the glass on the outside. Having a closer look I saw it was a very attractive insect as well as being one I hadn't seen before.

I managed to get it to climb on a long leaf and photographed it, and despite the very dull conditions I was pretty pleased with the result. It was then a case of finding out the species. Surprisingly, it didn't take too long on the good old internet, and it turned out to be a Western Conifer Seed Bug.

This Bug was introduced into Europe from the USA in 1999 and has since spread quickly, in fact it seems even quicker this year as the following day I saw another whilst visiting my Mum in her respite home in Eastbourne. I then had a message from a good friend who had 3 of them in his office in Worthing.

It certainly is a very handsome Bug anyway.

Western Conifer Seed Bug.

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