Sunday 28 October 2018

More Hiding.

Following last weeks successful session with Phil in the hide, we decided to have another go, especially as the weather was meant to be a little better with less of the harsh sunlight and patches of light cloud promised. This is particularly helpful when photographing birds with white patches that can get burnt out in full sunshine.
We started again with the Jay, and once again they did not disappoint with several visits as they hunted Acorns. It is amazing how many Acorns they can fit each time in their crop, and the way they throw the Acorns about to get them in the right position for swallowing.

Jay juggling Acorns!!

The shot above was taken in full sun, but the promised light cloud soon appeared which gave a more balanced light.

I want more Acorns.

That's better!!

Down the hatch.

Despite many more visits from the Jays we then concentrated on some of the common small birds that were also busy near the hide.

Blue Tit on Spindle.

Blue Tit on Blackthorn.

Goldfinch on Blackthorn.

Great Tit on Blackthorn.

Once again. Many thanks to Phil for a fabulous morning.

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