Thursday, 19 October 2017


The weather over the past few days has not been very helpful at all, so today, despite the very gloomy and breezy conditions I just had to get out over the hills. It was not looking at all good for finding anything of interest, with only a single Red Admiral found, when I put up a Vestal from the long grass. This small moth is one of the regular migrants that come over the Channel every Autumn, with between 50 and 100 seen in Sussex most years. After following him for a short while he landed on a some grass in the open which gave me the chance to photograph him. It was just a shame that the light was so poor.


The only other recent trip was to Rye Harbour where I was hoping to see and photograph the Sanderling. I thought the tide would be right, however, the fact that I didn't see any Sanderling scuppered my chances!! All I managed was a Little Grebe in its Winter plumage. Not really worth lugging all the heavy gear for such a distance.

Little Grebe.

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