Wednesday 20 September 2017

Coppers on the Head.

Following a really pleasant day I decided to head up to Seaford Head looking for Small Coppers. On the Head the wind was much cooler and stronger than I had anticipated though and then to make matters worse a strip of heavy cloud covered the sun. Although I managed to find several Small Coppers roosting due to the sudden cool temperature most were well past their best. In fact I only found one that was nice and fresh. Just after finding this individual the sun did manage to find a gap in the clouds and the butterfly made a tentative attempt at warming up by opening its wings. However, with the cool breeze still blowing the wings were moving about quite a bit still. I did manage a couple of shots though that I was quite pleased with.

Roosting Small Copper.

A brief flash of colour. Small Copper trying to warm up.

The Seven Sisters.

The view from the same spot taken whilst hoping the butterfly would open its wings again!!


  1. Not seen a single small copper this year, disappointing!

    1. That is a shame. Last year around here there were very poor numbers. However, this year they have recovered to have a very good year.