Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Owl and The Adonis.

My non birding son Chris was quite keen to see the Little Owls at Phils following my visits to see them last winter. Phil was once again very happy for me to take Chris, it was just a case of getting a day when Chris could make it with his shift work. Sunday was the day, the only trouble was the weather went downhill with rain starting just as I started the drive to Phils. Just after getting in the hide though the first of 2 Little Owls flew in. Chris managed to get lots of photos with my camera and Phils flash set up. Once Chris had finished I had a few shots for myself of this great bird.

Male Little Owl.

Today I set off hoping to photograph female Adonis Blues. By the time I arrived on site though the wind had really picked up again and in dull conditions it wasn't easy to either find the butterflies or photograph them. In the end I managed just a few shots of the undersides and a single top-side shot. 

Female Adonis Blue on Wild Basil.

Roosting Female Adonis Blue.

Female Adonis Blue.

It is good to see numbers of Autumn Ladies Tresses on the local downland again. The only trouble is that it is another sign that the summer is already all but over. Hopefully the late summer and autumn will bring good numbers of late brood butterflies.

Autumn Ladies Tresses.


  1. Great stuff! Little owls are hilarious!

  2. Hello
    So to experience a moment is nevertheless what we always wait for.
    very beautiful photos
    Greetings Frank...

  3. these were such beautiful and sharp pictures of the butterflies and i really liked the intro as well. will show this to my sister who is really fond of reading such articles on butterflies and birds.