Saturday, 26 August 2017

A Good Failure.

The past two days I have spent searching for the Nationally rare Wart-biter Cricket and both days I've failed to see them!! However, all was not lost as both walks produced other interesting sightings. There are currently many birds migrating South with several Whinchat, Wheatear and Yellow Wagtails as well as a single Common Redstart seen. The wagtails as usual were feeding among the cattle, but as is often the case they were wary of me and my camera!!



The number of Adonis Blue were also impressive with many very fresh individuals seen as well as an impressive female aberrant form. 

Female Adonis Blue.

Female Adonis Blue.

Mating Adonis Blues. 

Female Adonis Blue aberrant form.
 (Compare the markings to the normal female under-wing above).

With the weather being quite warm there were large numbers of Green-veined White and Small White taking moisture and minerals from the odd muddy puddle.

Green-veined and Small Whites.

There were also many Autumn Ladies Tresses showing in the area including this particularly smart plant.

Autumn Ladies Tresses.


  1. Like the cluster of butterflies having drink!

    1. Thanks Simon. It felt a bit like a scene from the rainforest!!