Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Hairy Dragonflies to Orchids.

During my butterfly survey over the weekend I had the opportunity to photograph both male and female Hairy Dragonflies. These early season dragons are both hairy, presumably to keep them warm in the cooler early season. Especially useful this year I would think!!

Female Hairy Dragonfly.

Male Hairy Dragonfly.

The past couple of days Pen has taken me away to make sure I remember that I'm a little bit older!! On the way I wanted to show her the tremendous display of Bluebells at Abbotts Wood. It's been a few years since she has managed to see them. Unfortunately the weather was too poor for the Pearl-bordered Fritillaries to fly so I couldn't show them to her. The only insect of interest was a very smart Wasp Beetle which posed very well.

Wasp Beetle.

Then on the way to the hotel we stopped off at a churchyard where there was a great display of Green-winged Orchids with several hundred plants.

Green-winged Orchid.

Pale form of Green-winged Orchid.

3 Pale Form of Green-winged Orchids among normal coloured plants.


  1. Really beautiful flowers. That Wasp Beetle is interesting.

  2. Einfach WUNDERSCHÖNE Fotos wow.....

    Herzlich grüsst dich

  3. When I first heard the term "hairy dragon" I thought the world had gone mad. Had no idea there was such a thing.