Monday, 13 February 2017

Geese!! (and a Red Admiral).

Last Thursday Matt rang to tell me he had re-found the Twite that had been seen a few days earlier in the Cuckmere, this was after several days of hunting this bird that for him would be a Sussex tick. As I had never seen a Twite anywhere before I headed down where the bird was visible straight away. The bird was foraging in thick foliage though and the heavy clouds made it almost impossible to get a photo. It was really good to see this Sussex rarity though so it was well worth the walk down. All I managed were a couple of shots of the Barnacle Geese and the White-fronted Geese apart from an awful effort of the Twite!!

Barnacle Geese in the doom and gloom.

White-fronted Geese in the doom and gloom.

With the Twite still being around as well as the promise of sunshine today I headed down again this morning, although due to oversleeping a little later than I intended. The bird had been seen by 3 birders briefly before it flew to another area!! After a short time I gave up as a really brisk wind was blowing. When I arrived back at the car I realised I had had another senior moment and left my rucksack behind so it was then a long trudge back to get it. On the way back 2 of the White-fronted Geese were showing a bit better in the sunshine so I did at least make use of the extra walk!!

White-fronted Geese in the sunshine.

Doing a Goose Step.

Maybe one more attempt at the Twite soon.

After arriving back home I saw a Red Admiral flying around the Close, a bit brave in the cold strong wind. My first butterfly sighting of the year!!


  1. With some mild weather on the cards this week, it might stir the odd brimstone to make an appearance. Nice set of Geese photos Bob.

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  3. Hello. Great photos. Yippee geese come again here in Finland. Soon.

  4. Great to hear that your butterfly season has started. I saw my first butterflies today, but they were hibernating Small Tortoiseshells. Strange that we saw virtually no Small Tortoiseshells flying last summer, but we are finding them hibernating in the usual places. A bit of hope for later in the season at least!

  5. Boa tarde, selecção de belas fotos dos lindos gansos, desconhecia esta espécie.