Sunday, 17 July 2016

White Admiral Adventure.

Another Butterfly survey yesterday in a private wood resulted in many sightings of Purple Hairstreaks. This butterfly is one of the very few butterfly winners this year, and it is a good recovery following 2 very poor years. As I finished the survey I came across 2 different White Admirals which were both holding territory. The 2nd one stayed in the same area for nearly an hour landing on various leaves and bracken. A brilliant time watching this beautiful butterfly as it glided around me. The lighting was a bit odd and the different coloured leaves in the area almost gave some of the images a multi-coloured impression.

Below is a small selection of the images.

Male White Admiral.

Strangely the first photo of the day was of a Purple Haistreak. 10 minutes into the wood and I had a picture of a butterfly I had spent over 13 hours during the week trying to photograph!!

Purple Hairstreak.


  1. Beautiful really beautiful butterflies.

  2. Cute butterfly and has beautiful pictures. :)

  3. Superb post Bob,loved the White Admiral images,but first prize goes to the Purple

  4. Super set Bob,every one a winner.

  5. Was watching speckled woods have a little scrap today!

  6. Stunning images of beautiful butterflies!
    Have a wonderful week :)