Saturday, 28 November 2015

Purple Pier.

With no photographs taken for over 3 weeks I was very keen to try to get out for a while and maybe even pressing that shutter release. With heavy rain expected around lunchtime I headed to Tide Mills and the East Pier hoping for my yearly close encounter with Purple Sandpipers. They are great little characters and can be quite approachable at times. I could see there were 4 or 5 sitting on the top of the pier when I arrived and with a steady approach I was soon photographing them at close range. It was extremely windy on the pier and I was lucky not to lose the hat!! I could see there was also a few Turnstone at the far end of the pier near the fishermen but with heavy clouds building I headed back to the beach. Along here there was a large flock of Ringed Plover with some Turnstone and Dunlin mixed in. Unfortunately these would not allow a close approach so a flight shot was all I could manage. It was then a dash back to the car as the heavy rain arrived.

A bit of aerobics!!

Purple Sandpiper.

Purple Sandpiper.

Purple Sandpiper.

Ringed Plovers being led by a Dunlin.

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