Saturday 6 September 2014

Small Copper Challenge.

With the weather over the last few weeks seeming very autumnal it almost felt as though the butterfly season had ground to a halt. This time of year though still has some butterfly delights with both Adonis Blue and Small Copper adding some bright colours to the countryside.
On Tuesday I had a call from my son, Matt, who informed me he had found a Wryneck on Seaford Head. As usual with this species it was very elusive, and whilst waiting for the odd glimpse I saw a few Small Coppers flying. This species, despite being common, has generally been disappointing for me as far as photography goes, so I decided to set myself a challenge to try to improve on my previous images. Thursday and Friday afternoons I went back up there to see what I could do. Thursday was a bit too breezy as well as clouding up too early and Friday was calmer but cloudy all the time I was there except for a few brief minutes.
I managed a couple of half decent images on the Thursday but wasn't totally happy.

Female Small Copper.

Male Small Copper.

On Friday although cloudy it was warm enough for some activity and I followed several hoping they would settle near the tops of flower heads.
At least the scenery was good when the butterflies were not showing!!

The Famous Seven Sisters and Cuckmere Haven.

Eventually the weather went downhill so much I decided to call it a day. I was walking back up the hill when I found a very fresh individual roosting on an Agrimony seedhead. This was too good an opportunity to miss, so I managed a few shots in the poor light and then my luck changed as the only bit of sun for the day showed. The butterfly moved to the top of another plant and then started to open its wings to show its spectacular colours. It didn't make my task any easier though as it kept moving about as it tried to warm up.


  1. All stunners Bob,love the last two images.
    Also many thanks for your comments.
    John and Sue.

    1. Hi John and Sue. Many thanks for your kind comments. I hope you like todays effort as well.