Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Butterflies from Fuerteventura 2022.

This year the number of butterflies was quite amazing in Fuerteventura with so many Painted Ladies migrating through whilst we were there. It was just a steady stream of them crossing the roads wherever we went, all heading in the same direction as their navigational impulse sent them south. There must have been millions of them on the island.

With much greener conditions than last year there were also many more of all the expected species as well as some that we were not expecting. Some we managed to photograph, but the Fuerteventura Green-striped White eluded the cameras unfortunately. However, around the Hotel grounds many Greenish Black-tips were a surprisingly showy and late afternoon I set out to find them going to roost.

Greenish Black-tip.

Also around the grounds were many Monarch butterflies. These were generally feeding on the Bougainvillea flowers in the hotel gardens. One of our group even saw a mating pair.


Meanwhile several egg laying Lang's Short-tailed Blues were also active most days.

Lang's Short-tailed Blue.

Out and about African Grass Blue and Geranium Bronze were also seen in smaller numbers, with one of the Geranium Bronze posing very well on a roadside plant.

Geranium Bronze.

Another insect that was spotted this year in enormous numbers was the Maize Moth. Last year just a single specimen was seen, but this year in some areas every step seemed to put some up. This moth is an extremely rare migrant moth in Britain, but in some parts, and probably in Fuerteventura, it is considered a pest species.

Maize Moth.


  1. Lovely pictures Bob. I hadn't expected this time of year to be so good for butterflies in the Canaries. I love the Greenish Black Tip, a butterfly I would love to see. I have visited Lanzarote and only managed to see a handful of species. Tenerife was much better. Both visits were in July, which is maybe not the best time of year.