Monday, 20 December 2021

Short-eared Owl.

 With the weather continuing on a very dull theme it hasn't been ideal at all for photography. On what seems to have been the last bright day David and I went out looking for the beautiful Short-eared Owl, a species that some years appear in good numbers, although never as many as we used to get in years gone by. 

This particular evening though we did get a good display with at least 3 owls hunting, although none really came close enough for photography, and the best moment also came after the light had been lost. However, one quite pleasing shot remained.

The evening was still very pleasant though with some memorable views, as was 3 afternoons later when I went again, this time on my own. With the light and temperature being quite unpleasant no other birdwatchers were there at all. The owls also only appeared just before dark, but by hiding I did get some much closer fly pasts as two Short-eared Owls hunted the meadow in front of me. I had about 15 minutes of watching them before the light had totally gone. On walking back to the car I came across a Barn Owl hunting along a hedgerow to make it a 2 species owl evening.

Short-eared Owl hunting.

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