Friday, 30 October 2020

More Autumn Moths.

 With the moth trap going out more regularly this Autumn, well, at least until the weather really turned wet and windy, a varied selection of moths have been caught including several that I haven't caught before in the garden.

New moths included a cracking Dotted Chestnut, Large Ranunculus and Bloxworth Snout were caught and some more familiar autumn specialists such as the Black Rustic and Green-brindled Crescent also put in an appearance.

Pale Eggar.

Blair's Mocha.

Dotted Chestnut.

Pale Mottled Willow.

Black Rustic.

Green-brindled Crescent.

November/Autumnal Moth.

Large Ranunculus.

Red-green Carpet.

Bloxworth Snout.

Yellow-line Quaker.

Red-line Quaker.

This past week I found a green larvae on the garden furniture that turned out to be the larva of the Brimstone Moth.

Brimstone Moth larva.

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