Friday 24 April 2020

The Waiting Game.

Another stunning early morning once again saw me walking up to the patch at 6am hoping again to find some Grizzled Skippers.

Only one was found at roost as it happens, but as it was roosting on the end of a small bit of Hawthorn I waited, and waited more for the butterfly to open up once the sun was strong enough to warm him up.

I probably waited by the butterfly for around an hour before the moment he started to open, and then many minutes more before he fully opened.

The position he was in was really good as the background had a hint of the colour of Ground Ivy that helped improve the image further.

After many years of being slightly disappointed with my Grizzled Skipper shots, with these photos I feel I have at last got some that I am pleased with.

Grizzled Skipper in the early morning sunshine. (7.45am).

Just about to fly.

Grizzled Skipper on Salad Burnet.

Following this bit of success I then came across 3 Green Hairstreak in an area that I don't often see them in, then moving on to my normal Green Hairstreak site several more were spotted.

Green Hairstreak.

I also checked out the Lackey Moth larval web and saw most of the larvae out of the web and sunning themselves on the bush.

A stream of Lackey Moth larvae.

Two days further on and I had a mid morning walk in the Green Hairstreak area where around 7 were seen.  Strangely, the only one that posed well was the same butterfly again and one other worn individual.

Green Hairstreak.

I also saw my first Dingy Skipper of the year today and several Hairy Dragonflies.


  1. Beatiful pictures Bob.
    Friendly regards

  2. Lovely pictures of the Grizzled Skipper. Well worth the wait. I doubt I will get to see Green Hairstreaks this year, as there are no sites within walking distance. I spent about an hour today watching an Orange Tip land on a daffodil and then waiting for the cloud to go, so that the butterfly opened its wings to warm up before flying off. Well worth the wait if you ask me!!