Saturday 29 September 2018

Down the Levels.

On Wednesday I managed to meet up with Nigel, who was keen to show me the colony of Willow Emerald Damselfly that he had found on Pevensey Levels. We have both been expecting to come across this species over the past few years, but Nigel spends much more time than I do in this area and it was a very well deserved find for him.
The Willow Emerald has been spreading over the past few years following their colonisation of the UK that started around 2007 and at last they seem to have reached Sussex with several colonies now becoming established.
Although the damselflies we saw kept away from the cameras it was great to finally see a Sussex Willow Emerald.

Along the ditches were large numbers of Common Darter and also Migrant Hawkers, many of these were mating pairs.

Mating pair of Migrant Hawker.

After the walk we sat near the cars for a cuppa and a general chat, which as usual got around to putting the World to right, when I spotted the larva of the Pale Tussock moth. These larva are a particular favourite of mine and unusually this one posed quite well for the camera as it did its impression of a loo brush!!

Pale Tussock larva.

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  1. Nice to see they have spread to your neck of the woods. A particular favourite of mine as you may well know. Next, you will have to get some photos.