Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Lepidoptera Season Approaches.

Yesterday I had a fellow enthusiast that wanted to see the Wall Brown larva that I monitor locally. Following the really cold spell, when all the larva went into hiding for obvious reasons, I was confident that we would find a couple for him to see. As it was the larva were well out in force and a new record count of 17 was observed. This included 2 eating the same bit of grass with them facing each other and getting very close. The one at the top was just about to fall!!
As well as all the Wall Brown larva a couple of moth larva were also found including a very smart early instar Oak Eggar. My thanks to Nigel for the id for this larva. I was unsure as at this stage it is very different to the fully grown stage.

Wall Brown larva.

Early instar Oak Eggar larva.

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  1. A nice timely reminder Bob. I must do some more this year and every year I promise myself that I will see and photograph a Purple Emperor on the floor. Maybe this year then.