Sunday 16 April 2017

The Wall Brown Appears.

I have been checking my regular Wall Brown area for most of the past week as I was sure the first brood were imminent. Yesterday morning, another search started and almost immediately I saw an orange/brown butterfly with the distinctive flight of the Wall Brown. I watched him for several minutes as he was staying around an area out of the cold breeze.

The first Wall Brown of the year.

Nearby was a nest of Brown-tail Moth larvae. They were all on one side of the nest trying to warm up. A couple of Grizzled Skipper were also seen, although in the cool breeze most butterflies were taking shelter.

Brown-tail Moth larva.

Another visit this morning produced at least 4 Wall Brown flying with a few aerial battles between the males, all trying to have the warm patch for their territories. 
On the end of a Hawthorn twig I spotted a smallish, but really smart spider that I assume was hoping to ambush an insect. It was also possibly sitting on its nursery? My thanks to Nigel for informing me that the spider looks like a Agalenatea redii.

Agalenatea redii.

Talking about spiders, last Thursday Pete and I went to check out one of the local colonies of Early Spider Orchids. There are only a few showing at the moment as it is a bit early in their season but one plant was showing well with another alongside it giving a different shot to my past efforts.

Early Spider Orchids.


  1. Great images Bob, nice to see the Wall Brown already, and the ESOs up and about now.

  2. Hi. Superb photos. I like a lot.

  3. Nice write up Bob and nice to always see a first for the year.

  4. Loving these photographs! We don't get Wall Browns here in Newark.

  5. lovely to see such a nature beauty. thanks for sharing
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